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Resurrect delinquent owners & generate revenue from inactive accounts
Our proven contact procedures will bring back to life delinquent and inactive accounts. Some will choose to continue in their ownership and others will choose to participate in the offered deedback program. In either instance, revenue for the resort is generated.
Recover resort inventory at NO COST to you
Deedback Solutions will perform all work and cover every cost associated with recovering resort inventory from your non paying owners.
Protect owners & resort from “Re-sale” companies
Predatory “re-sale” companies can harm your owner base and acquire resort inventory that you will never recover without substantial financial costs. By involving Deedback Solutions, we can help insulate your owners and resort inventory from these malicious companies and eliminate potential financial catastrophes for the resort.
Help keep maintenance fees and assessments down
By resurrecting delinquent and inactive accounts, the number of accounts in arrears will diminish. Through participation in the deedback program, an average of one year’s maintenance fee will be paid to the association. Through the creation of these two revenue streams, the need for maintenance fee increases and assessments is reduced.
Reduce or eliminate foreclosure costs, legal fees and collection costs
When the delinquent owners pay their arrears or participate in the deedback program, the need to initiate collection or legal proceedings for these accounts is eliminated.
Generate recurring revenue through a custom branded travel club
Each time an owner participates in the deedback program, they are given a custom branded travel club membership. Each year that the travel club membership is renewed, the association receives a portion of the annual dues. This is generally as much or more than the management percentage in the maintenance fee.
Monetize your inventory through club rental and re-sales
RSI gives you the option of placing all recovered inventory as well as other unsold or “Dead” inventory into the club fulfillment platform, allowing 250,000 + members access to that inventory for rental. Also, when your resort inventory has been recovered, the ability to re-sale the inventory to a new owner has now been created.
Specializing in Delinquent Account Resurrection & Inventory Recovery

The Deedback Solutions program is designed to assist resorts with the management of their accounts in arrears. In addition to complimenting your existing collection efforts the program creates an opportunity for your resort to generate revenue from accounts that cannot or will not pay their arrears, as opposed to offering a deed-in-lieu or immediately incurring the costs associated with foreclosure action. The Deedback Solutions program provides an excellent tool for you to increase compliance from your current owner base. When your owners know you are serious about helping to keep their fees from rising by aggressively pursuing non-paying owners, timely payment of fees increases. The included RSI travel club membership also creates a recurring revenue stream for you as well as an opportunity to generate rental income from any uncommitted inventory you choose to make available to over 250,000 club members at the price point you set!

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Your Custom Branded Travel Club

Together with RSI, you can now offer your delinquent owners the option to remain in your resort family through a custom branded travel club. Each time a delinquent owner chooses to participate in the deedback program, a fee is paid to the HOA and the now ex-owner receives a travel club membership. Each time a travel club member renews their membership, the HOA will receive a portion of the dues. This could represent a substantial amount of revenue depending on participation.